What Chime Promotions Are Available With Chime Bank in 2022?

Finding the right bank or financial institution in 2022 can be tricky, with an overwhelming number of options available with just a few clicks. If you’re thinking of signing up for a new bank account with Chime, you may be curious about current promotional offers as well as the Chime promotions available throughout 2022. Comparing promotions can help you to determine if a Chime account is right for you. 

Chime Banking

Chime, launched in 2013, is a financial technology company offering banking services through partner financial institutions. You can open a Chime Spending Account, Chime Credit Builder Account or even a Chime Savings Account. The company also offers the Chime card to make spending and withdrawals just as easy as with a regular bank account.

Although Chime is not a bank, it does offer FDIC insurance on all its accounts. This means that your money is just as safe with Chime as it would be with an online bank or any traditional bank.

While traditional banks and credit unions with branches typically offer the option to access your account statements through the internet, the major difference here is that online banks provide primarily mobile access. You won’t meet a banker face to face, but you can use your phone or computer at any time to check your account balance.

Free accounts with simple lineup The company offers online support only, not face-to-face service.
Competitive Savings APY Some services are not fee-free - you may pay for depositing cash or for ATM withdrawals.
Savings tools are available to help improve your savings habits. Some services have limits, such as spending limits on withdrawals and purchases.
Early receipt of direct deposit payments has a positive impact on one's ability to plan, budget, and save. There are no multi-currency account options available. Fees for using your card overseas may be higher than in the United States.

What Promotions Are Available With Chime Bank in 2022? 

One of the most reliable promotions advertised by Chime bank is the ability for new users to receive up to $100 for signing up with Chime and connecting their direct deposit to the app itself. Currently, there are limited featured Chime promotions available other than a standard sign-up bonus, as well as a referral promotion that is also always readily available via Chime.

chime promotions

Receive $100 for Signing Up

Chime offers a sign-up bonus for those who are new to using Chime and have not yet have an account with the company previously. For those who are new to Chime, it is possible to receive $100 after registering with Chime using an active promotional code. 

Once you have registered for an account following a promotional sign-up link, you will need to connect your direct deposit information with your Chime account in order to qualify for the additional $100 promotion.

All new users are required to receive a minimum of a $200 direct deposit into their Chime account within 45 days after using an active Chime promo code and registering for a brand new account. 

Once your direct deposit information has been verified, and you have received your first direct deposit of at least $200 or more, your Chime promotion will begin processing. 

Earn $100 for each friend referral you complete with Chime bank.

If you are interested in generating additional income on the side by referring friends and family to use Chime for themselves, you’re in luck. Chime bank currently offers up to $100 for each friend that is referred to use the service for the first time with an active and updated promotional link

Once you have an established account with Chime that has been activated and verified, you can then begin using promotional links that are provided by Chime to help bring your friends and family members on board as well.

Using the provided promotional link from Chime will allow you to generate up to $100 for each individual who registers for an account and completes the verification and direct deposit process.  

Earn 51,000 “MyPoints” After Opening a Bank Account With Chime

If you enjoy earning rewards for all of your purchases, you may be in luck if you are also thinking of opening a Chime bank account before 5/31/22. This current Chime promotion is only available between 5/1/22 and 5/31/22, so it is important to act fast if you love earning and using reward point systems.

New users of Chime can partake in the 51,000 “MyPoints” promotion between 5/1 and 5/31 2022 by downloading the Chime app and registering for a new account. Users who already have a Chime account are not eligible for this featured promotion.

Once you have an active Chime account, you will need to add your bank account information as well as correct routing details for direct deposit purposes. After you set up your direct deposit and receive at least one deposit within 30 days of doing so, you will qualify to receive 51,000 MyPoints. 

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Accordion SampleIf you are looking for a Chime promo code, you will not likely have any luck unless you have received a promotional code directly from a friend. Description
Accordion Sample DWhile you may find Chime promotional or referral codes online, there is no guarantee that the codes will work. Whenever codes are shared online, everyone has immediate access to them. Given that codes typically have a limit on how many times each individual code can be applied and used, it will not always be possible to find an active and working promotional code for Chime online, even with the use of top couponing sites available today.escription
Once your direct deposit transfer process is complete, your $100 will typically be automatically and instantly deposited into your Chime account. However, if this process does not occur immediately, you can expect the promotional funds to appear in your Chime account within 2 business days. 
No. However, there are promotional codes that users can provide to family and friends as a pseudo referral system. 
A referral program provides users with an individualized link that is designated for a specific referral program via Chime. A promotional code can be provided by Chime to existing users at any time. When using a promotional code to refer a friend, it is not always a permanent link, and may only be available for a temporary period of time. 
Once your friend has successfully created an account with Chime using your promotional link, they will need to connect their bank account information and direct deposit details as well. After your friend receives their initial direct deposit of at least $200 within 45 days of opening their Chime account, you will instantly be credited with an additional $100 for referring them to use the service. If you do not receive your $100 immediately after your friend's direct deposit has been posted to their account, you may need to wait up to 2 business days for the process and transaction to complete. 
Yes, whether you are thinking of signing up for a new bank account yourself or if you are interested in referring your friends to Chime, all promotional and referral codes are free to use.
Depending on the current active promotions, you may have the ability to refer a friend even if you have been using Chime for months or even years. However, most of the sign-up bonuses, as well as featured events, are reserved for newcomers who have never previously had an account with Chime. 
The best way to find promotional codes that are available to existing users of Chime is through the official Chime website and app itself. Turning on email alerts and subscribing to the Chime newsletter can also keep you informed of the latest promotions, deals, and offers that are currently available to existing users.
Using Chime is not only free, but also eliminates traditional monthly service fees associated with standard banks and financial institutions. It is also possible to get paid up to 2 days early with an active Chime account. Those using Chime can take advantage of the following features the app has to offer: ** No monthly fees for all accounts. ** Get paid up to 2 days early with a direct deposit account. ** Ongoing monitoring and tracking of expenses and accounts in real-time. ** Receive a daily update of your current balance as well as any transaction alerts that your Chime account detects. ** Use the Chime mobile banking app to send money to friends and associates instantly. ** With the use of Chime's mobile check deposit service, it has never been easier to deposit your check directly into your account.
Once you create a new account with Chime, you will be sent a verification email along with an email including a step-by-step direct deposit guide. Simply follow the steps included in this email or access the guide from the Chime app to complete the process of successfully linking direct deposit to your account. 
Yes. In most cases, you will need to complete an ACH, or an Automated Clearing House payment from your direct deposit account manager or website. Once you are logged into your direct deposit portal, which may be available via an employer, you can then link your ACH bank account with your Chime account. This can help to expedite the process of depositing your funds into your account in order for you to qualify for your sign-up or referral bonus. 
Currently, it is possible for all existing users of Chime to earn up to $1,000 in promotional bonuses via Chime's referral program -- meaning it is possible to refer up to 10 individuals annually. 
Yes, it is possible to refer other members of your household to register a Chime account with the use of your promotional code. As long as all individuals who create a Chime account have separate bank accounts with different sources of income, there are no restrictions in terms of relationships you have with those you refer to use the service. 
If you are living in a household with at least two working adults, you can earn money by first registering an account with the use of an active promotional code. You can then share your referral program with others living in your household as they also complete the direct deposit verification process. Once the process is complete, you will each earn $100 and you will also earn an additional $100 for providing a verified referral to Chime. 
You need to be at least 18 years of age to register for and open a Chime account. All users who are interested in the promotional or referral events from Chime must also be at least 18 years of age with a valid bank account. 
Many apps today offer incentives to sign up and to link bank account information, whether you are interested in monitoring your finances or managing your finances with a brand new banking institution. Some of the most notable easy sign-up bonuses for those who are thinking of getting involved in cryptocurrency or digital banking include: ** Coinbase: Coinbase is one of the fastest-growing digital apps for managing finances as well as investing in a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Those who are thinking of investing in Bitcoin can do so by registering for an account via Coinbase using a referral link. Successful referral links require users to deposit at least $100 into their Coinbase account in exchange for $10 in Bitcoin.  ** SoFi Money: If you are in search of a new checking account, SoFi Money offers a free checking account with a $25 referral bonus for those who use a referral link to open their new accounts. ** Voyager: Voyager is another crypto-trading application that currently offers up to $25 to any new user who registers via a referral link and successfully deposits at least $100 into their account.   ** Aspiration Bank: If you are thinking of getting a new bank account with a digital solution, you may be considering Aspiration Bank. All new account holders of Aspiration Bank who spend at least $250 on their Aspiration Bank debit card within 60 days will receive a $50 bonus in their accounts.  ** Brex: If you are looking for a business cash manager and cash management account, Brex delivers. Brex also offers a promotion for new users, including a $250 Amazon gift card for those who use a referral link to complete the sign-up process while also meeting specific requirements.

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