Ivan on Tech’s Full-fledged Course on Blockchain Technology is Out

If you’ve ever considered taking online learning courses, you might be asking yourself a few questions: “What is the best place to find these courses?” or “How do I know which ones are best for me?” For that reason, this guide will look at Ivan on Tech review, now merged and rebranded to Moralis Academy, how it works and why people choose to learn in a course-based format.

Who is Ivan on Tech? 

ivan on tech review21 years old, Ivan Liljeqvist is an entrepreneur from Sweden (and originally Belarus). Ivan is a software developer and runs the popular YouTube channel “Ivan on Tech,” which focuses on blockchain technology. He has mastered various aspects of the tech industry in areas ranging from coding to marketing.

Ivan is your man if you want to learn more about the potential applications of blockchain technology for real-world scenarios. We stumbled upon Ivan’s channel as we were doing research for a company on the impact of blockchain on various industries and were extremely impressed with how Ivan was able to make such complex topics relatable to everyday scenarios.

 In particular, Ivan was able to succinctly teach us how blockchain could be used in economic development, banking, and other areas like reducing poverty through its applications in financial inclusion. Besides that, Ivan possesses a strong passion for the power of blockchain technology and has claimed his goal on his channel is to bring transparency and to create an environment of trust by educating viewers on this matter. 

Just so you know, as of 2022, Ivan on Tech Academy has been renamed Moralis Academy, so if you’ve done some research and are confused about the two, they are one and the same.

What’s Included – Ivan On Tech Academy

Ivan On Tech academy review offers online courses covering topics relevant to the burgeoning cryptocurrency marketplace. Currently, there are two plans, a basic and a premium plan. The basic course is great for beginners, but it doesn’t really prepare you for employment or business endeavors at the same level of rigor as the premium plan. We think that those who aspire to learn more about jobs in this space will benefit the most from a premium subscription.

Pretty much all their other courses are best-in-class and either better than or comparable to other courses on the topic available online. Ivan on Tech’s Crypto Academy has great programming classes on crypto and blockchain, as well as fundamental courses for beginners and more niche information that can help you make informed decisions when it comes to Defi, privacy coins, and money in general, thanks to the diversity of content he shares with his audience.

Decentralized Applications, or dApps, are easily one of the most exciting venture opportunities to emerge in quite some time. By and large, they’re also extremely volatile, which means you’ll only want to consider investing in a dApp that is viable and can generate real-world applications.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then it may be advantageous to opt for a course at Blockchain University, such as their award-winning Blockchain Development program, because it contains far more material than others – perfect for even the novice with lots of material to simply absorb within an extended duration. In particular, if you are an aspiring developer or alternative investor who wants to get a good foundational footing, we think you’ll like the information and resources they have to offer here.

It’s an online course – you will basically go through the recordings of pre-recorded videos. The course is well structured: Ivan manages to explain everything in simple terms. He explores many topics, from basic ones (Bitcoin, cryptocurrency wallets, and ICOs) to more complex ones (Byzantine Fault Tolerance problem, Hashrates, and what they are). These terms come up regularly in the news, so I’ve started getting a better understanding of them by going through the course.

You are entitled to a Facebook group where you can interact with your fellow students and ask Ivan your questions directly. It is a good means by which you can reinforce your knowledge and discuss your ideas and suggestions with one another.

You do not need to be a programmer at all, it will remain an enjoyable class, and the presenters will help guide you through the ways they have found most effective, either through their personal experience or other research that they have done on the topics. We estimate that the full course might take a little more than 2 or 3 months to complete all of the assignments, but if you put more effort into it, you can probably complete it in under 2 or 3 weeks.

The Experience

We decided to upgrade and purchase the pro-plan so that we could get an idea of how motivated these students actually are. A lot of students aren’t willing to pay for what they don’t use, and it’s important for us to know whether or not this interest is just a passing fad or whether it’s something our audience is truly passionate about, as that will determine how we develop our product.

The extras you can get with the premium package at Ivan’s Crypto Academy are much more than what most people need to focus just on the lessons while they learn blockchain development at home, but they provide excellent supplementary “bonus” content that helps reinforce what people have learned throughout their studies.

We learned a lot of useful information, and we are very satisfied with our experience. Learning how to program Defi Flash-Loans was very eye-opening, although now, more people know about this skill, so it may not prove to be as easy to cash in on it. Regardless, we still don’t regret joining Ivan’s Academy.

As we said before, we’d recommend average investors to just get a few months in the “premium” plan, while we do think aspiring blockchain developers would benefit from having a half year to a full year at the “professional” level. Others should probably opt for just a few months and work through the material that interests them the most, to get a better understanding of crypto. 

This will help you make informed investment decisions in the future. If you simply want to learn about blockchain development but don’t care to be serious about it and pursue it as a career, we’d recommend another course that may better meet your needs.


Blockchain technology is already a topic of enormous interest when it comes to the financial sector, but it goes much further than that. As they discussed in the class, innovative crypto companies have come up with very useful applications that can be used every day and which have brought real value to people.

For example, the Ethereum network boasts a blockchain-based distributed computing platform called Steemit, which is an open-source on-chain social network that offers rewards to content creators who submit interesting articles through their blockchain platform. Blockchains can be used for much more than just trading cryptocurrencies, and they go into detail about this in the course. A few of the areas they go into that are experiencing large disruptions and offer unprecedented opportunities are banking and finance, health care, insurance, supply chain, and law.

If you participate in the course, do not avoid the Github chapter. You’ll be able to find important information about the source code of the project of your choice and make sure it’s going to work quite well before investing in it. People like you who wish to invest in alt-coins will learn how useful Github can be for their evaluation process. 

For example, let’s say you were planning on investing your money in a project called Chaincoin; if you were able to take just 2 minutes out of your day and see what was in its code, you would have avoided any further investments there because Chaincoin turned out to be a total scam. You’ll learn how to spot these shiny objects in this course.


If you are interested in learning the basics of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as understanding how it is all built on the blockchain, I would suggest that you refer to Ivan’s channel and his other resources. A short mini-course might be all you need, given that your interest lies with speculating/investing in Bitcoin, but because there are so many new cryptocurrencies around that are similar or comparable to Bitcoin, it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on the ins and outs of each.

However, if you are serious about understanding more about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain technology within a particular time frame, this course is for you. The course is intended for developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. 

Each lesson builds upon the last so that by the end of the month, you will have a thorough understanding of the subject even if you spend less than one hour per day reviewing the material. A psychological factor may also come into play once someone spends money on something they are uncertain they will use; they then feel as though they should follow through in order to justify their previous decision.

Ivan and his friend Filip have been working hard to make Moralis a viable academy for blockchain developers. Not only will members get real-life experience beforehand when enrolling in courses, but they also get access to special Q&As, and when a new course comes out, you automatically receive it as part of the subscription.

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