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When it comes to purse io promo, there are active codes and links that normally have about one to two promotions associated with them that earn you up to more than $10 in rewards when you simply sign up. You will then be able to exchange about $100 or more once you are in the program on the platform.

What is Purse.io?

Purse.io is a platform that is currently used by more than 450,000 people that have ordered more than 700,000 items through the platform’s program that allows its users to purchase an array of items with at least a 20 percent discount. It allows people to buy from sellers with Bitcoin and the platform only charges the sellers a one percent service fee which is way lower than the service fees on Amazon, at sea, and eBay. The form is basically an online marketplace that was created in 2014 and officially launched in 2016. This unique Bitcoin-based marketplace is offered to allow vendors to connect very easily with a very wide range of buyers and it is even backed by the biggest names when it comes to Bitcoin, such as Roger Ver and the Digital Currency Group.

Basically, there are no rules or restrictions as to what people can sell through Purse.io which means there are a variety of different items that are listed. The platform offers very carefully worded listings that many who have used Etsy will be familiar with when it comes to the world of arts and crafts.

The Purse.io is touted as already saving its users over $12 million with its discounts and its mission is to make crypto a very useful form of currency. Users can even name their own discount when they are shopping for a product on Amazon by matching shoppers with people who want to exchange their Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin. The platform is said to have the best deals online and that there are no minimum amounts as well as no gimmicks or blackout dates.


The First Purse.io Promotion

The first sign-up promotion on Purse.io offers a very important one for newcomers to the site as well and is one of the simplest discount programs for newer users to engage in since it is just a refer-a-friend-type bonus. You can simply receive the bonus by going to Purse.io to sign up or you can even ask a current user that already utilizes the site for a referral link, which can earn them money while you get to take advantage of a free $5 in Bitcoin when you have purchased at least $100 or more of items through the Purse platform. sometimes, people can even receive a bonus of $10 instead of five on the platform Through the referral link that can be found on the site or from an existing user.

Other Promotional Rewards

Purse.io has offered other promotions in the past, although the main promotion that was being offered seems to have been discontinued and the only one currently left is the refer-a-friend bonus. This promotion is still a good deal for people since each user can earn up to $500 every year in rewards by simply referring their family members and friends to the platform to take advantage of this amazing purse io promo. All the person has to do is complete the steps above to get signed up through a referral code and then do transactions totaling at least $100 or more on the platform within the first month that they are on the platform.

After that part of the process is completed, the current user who provided them with a referral link will get $5 or $10 a Bitcoin and you yourself can’t even earn an extra $5 in Bitcoin through this particular Purse.io promo.

Currently, though, the platform does not have a place in which you can enter your referral code when you sign up so it is imperative that you use the referral link that you are provided with to sign up so you can receive your bonus and if you used a current users promo link, they can receive their bonus also..

Other Cryptocurrency Signup Bonuses that are Available

If you are reading this article because you like to receive free stuff or love a good discount, this may very well be the platform for you then. You can sign up for these types of exchanges or even create accounts with the participating companies to receive even more free bonuses as well. If you do not have time where you’re simply not interested, it’s no big deal, but just keep in mind if you do sign up for any of these types of accounts, it would be great to get a promotional code for them which will give you plenty of nice deep discounts when it comes to trading fees and you can receive a decent amount of signup bonuses.


Promotion Sign-Up Links

Binance — if you sign up through this particular link to be able to participate on the Purse.io site and reap all of the benefits, you will receive a five percent discount on all associated trading fees basically forever. This may not sound like a big deal, but when it comes to crypto, every tiny little bit counts. Users of the platform that have been doing this for several years say that they would have saved hundreds of dollars by now and trading fees already, even if they are not currently active traders on the site through this particular link.

Coinbase —If you sign up through this particular link and deposit more than $100 initially, you will receive $10 and Bitcoin for free. Even though Coinbase only offers the initial $10 in Bitcoin when you first sign up, you will have access to participate in their amazing rewards program that this site offers when you sign up and you can check that out at the Coinbase website.

Voyager Commission-Free Crypto Trading – if you sign up through the link provided by Voyager Commission-Free Crypto Trading and buy at least $100 of any type of crypto, you will get $25 in free Bitcoin. This offer does not apply unless you manually enter in the code for the link when you initially sign up, so if you use this particular link be sure that you complete that process correctly.


Track It and Delivery

When you are on the Purse.io website and have signed up correctly, when you get to the final checkout page you can then check how much of a discount you want to receive for the products you are purchasing. When it comes to receiving the fastest delivery of your product, make sure the slider is set to five percent on the left-hand side, but if you want more savings, you’ll need to move the slider to the right-hand side until you are happy with your discount. Purse.io will then get you the best deal possible and keep in mind that you can modify your discount after you place your order as long as one of the Earners on the side has not already picked up the order.

Once your order is completed, it is then listed into the Earner order books. The Earners will then exchange their Amazon gift cards for your cryptocurrency by seeking a favorable order and then funding it through Purse.io. After an Earner accepts your order, your tracking info for delivery is then added to it as well as when your delivery is confirmed.

FAQs About Crypto Currency and Purse.io


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, as well as Bitcoin Cash, are basically currency systems that are digitally used that can help enable and promote a global and borderless financial system that you can exchange for funds. Bitcoin is focused on use as what some call a store of value, while Bitcoin cash focuses on lower fees through peer-to-peer type payments.

On the Purse.io site, the belief is that cryptocurrencies are basically the wave of the future, especially when it comes to online commerce, purchasing, and even selling.

Why Am I Required to Pay in Cryptocurrency?

When you shop on the Purse.io website for items you need or want to purchase, each of your orders is matched with an Earner who is already utilizing the site. Your order is matched with an Earner. The Earners own Amazon gift cards, which they will use to complete your order for you in return for the cryptocurrency you are spending. This means that shoppers on Purse.io will enjoy a great discount simply for providing this opportunity for Earners while the Purse platform ensures that the entire process is smooth, painless, and even without friction. Since you are paying with cryptocurrency, you can get a discount while the earner receives cash on their gift cards.

What if I do not have Crptocurrency?

if you do not have cryptocurrency, the answer to this question is, unfortunately, no because without cryptocurrency, the Purse.io platform cannot match you up with one of their Earners who wants to purchase orders in exchange for coins. If you are ready to start saving and want to take advantage of these discounts, you should visit New to Crypto and then select a local exchange. Once you do this, you will send some funds over to your Purse Wallet so you can then experience a great shopping trip without ever leaving your house and receiving great discounts.

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